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The LACRASH software system is used by law enforcement agencies throughout the state of Louisiana to electronically capture motor vehicle accident reporting information.

LACRASH was developed to enhance the paper uniform motor vehicle traffic crash report form in the state of Louisiana. By electronically reproducing the crash report form, the LACRASH software allows officers to enter accident reporting information using a laptop in their patrol car or a desktop computer in their office. The electronic submission of the data helps to collect traffic crash reporting information in a timelier manner. With the added benefits of software edits, GPS devices, and card swipes, information collected using LACRASH is more accurate and complete.

Designed by the Highway Safety Research Group (HSRG) at Louisiana State University, the LACRASH system was initially released in December 2004 with a hand full of agencies going online January 1, 2005. As of October 2014, roughly 190 Louisiana law enforcement agencies were using LACRASH with new agencies continually being added monthly.

The HSRG also analyzes the motor vehicle accident data and produces Louisiana Crash Data and Statistical Reports using data collected from the LACRASH application.

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